Titanfall – New Multiplayer Mode and Game Creation Video

Respawn Entertainment and EA have released a new video for Titanfall that features multiplayer mode as well as game creation mechanics.

You can view the new video below in which the game Producer, Drew McCoy, talks about the ideas behind the online shooter:

The idea behind the game came from Lead Artist Joel Emslie. McCoy said,

“He created these fourteen inch tall, scratch built from hand robots, which were originally supposed to be just a power suit for a human. But then one day he took a little three inch guy and stood it next to the Titan model and said ‘what about this?’and that really sparked the idea of this could be quite cool. You know, they’ve got hands, they can pick up the Pilot, they can grab guys out of the other Titans and they’re motion captured.

“They’re not traditionally animated robots. They have this feel to them.”

You can also view Titanfall’s Gamescom 2013 official video.

Titanfall is coming to Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One in early 2014.

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