Titanfall Features the IMC Screenshots

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has revealed new screenshots for the IMC.

The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, or IMC started out small, in natural resource extraction industries, under the name Hammond Engineering.

It is dedicated to maximizing profits and shareholder wealth, using the legal application of force when necessary.

The following are the Titanfall IMC members:

  • Graves – In the IMC command structure, Vice Admiral Graves is formally known as the CINCFRONT, or Commander-in-Chief, Frontier Command.
  • Blisk – is a South African mercenary working under a new long-term contract with the IMC on the Frontier, providing Combat Intel and Counterinsurgency services.
  • Spyglass – is a physical manifestation of the IMC’s vast computational network identity, handling logistics, navigation, deployment, and communications between all IMC forces on the Frontier.

You can view the new Titanfall IMC screenshots below:

Also, the Titanfall Beta news will be arriving next week, so stay tuned for all the details.

Titanfall will release March 11 in North America, March 13 in Europe and March 14 in the UK for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Source: Titanfall