Titanfall – Each Campaign Map Contains Own Multiplayer Mode


Just yesterday, Respawn Entertainment announced the Titanfall Collector’s Edition.

Today, Game Producer, Drew McCoy said in an interview with OXM that each campaign map will contain its own multiplayer mode.

McCoy said,

“The campaign plays the levels with their missions in a specific order to tell the story. Each campaign level has its own game mode – it’s not like you’ll play Attrition, then another time you’ll play a different mode. In the campaign, Angel City is Attrition. That’s the story for that level.”

“When you first start the game you will play campaign multiplayer, which takes the bits and pieces you’re used to having in single-player, like a story and characters, and big moments that contextualise what you’re doing – we’re putting that into multiplayer.”

Titanfall will release March 11 in North America, March 13 in Europe and March 14 in the UK for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Are you looking forward to playing?