Titanfall 2 Operation Frontier Shield DLC Drops July 25

Titanfall 2 Operation Frontier Shield DLC Drops July 25

Defend your Harvester against five waves of increasingly difficult enemies! On July 25, fan favorite mode Frontier Defense makes it’s way to Titanfall 2 in the game’s latest free DLC, Operation Frontier Shield. In Frontier Defense, a co-op 4 player mode, players must work together to challenge new enemy types to battle, across five different maps. In addition to the new mode, players will also get two new maps in the update, Rise and Township. In Rise, long sight lines and tight quarters dictate the battle in the abandoned desert reservoir, while in the Live Fire map Township, cover is sparse for Pilots bold enough to leave the safety of a few houses, with dense interiors that can always hold surprises.

In addition to the new mode and maps available for free to all Titanfall 2 players, new purchasable content including Elite Warpaints for weapons and Titans will also be available, not only to look awesome, but also to provide XP boosts.

Watch the Titanfall 2 Operation Frontier Shield DLC Trailer:

For those who have yet to jump into the action packed, pilot and titan gameplay, Respawn will be hosting another free trial for Titanfall 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin for PC from July 28 through July 30.

You can head over to the Frontier News Network to read more about the latest DLC.

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