Tips to Become a Better Rocket League Player

Tips to Become a Better Rocket League Player

Controlling rocket-powered cars isn’t the same as driving real ones. Many things are different, especially since Rocket League’s cars can fly short distances and take a beating. Although there are some similar elements, the whole driving experience is different. Now, let’s talk about some tips to become a better player in Rocket League.

Rocket League is a Team Game

Have faith in your teammates and help them score instead of sabotaging them. It also means that always following the ball isn’t the main thing. Instead, track the ball. If you’re far away, fall back and protect the goal. More opportunities come to those who wait and position themselves well.

Utilize the Whole Arena

In a game like Rocket League, positioning is essential because it’s a method to get to the other side of the arena quickly. Don’t be afraid to run up the walls and roof of the arena! The roof is a right place when the ball is up in the air. Bonus points if the opposing team never saw it coming.

For an advanced tip, keep boosting only until the car turns purple. After that, any more boosting won’t increase speed. Also, the double jump move can function as a free boost, which lessens the boost you consume. From there, flying is a natural progression. It’s easier to control when you’re not moving too fast, and this can get you in various advantageous positions for either defense or offense. Plus, there’re practice arenas for various skills that are useful to learn. Take a break from competing once in a while to practice these.

Maneuvering is Key

Moving forward isn’t the only thing your rocket-propelled car can do. In fact, that line of thinking can limit options, and box creative use of several other movements your car can do. Braking or moving backward could help you position yourself to the team’s advantage. Utilize the powerslide and air roll movements to get in the best place at the right time for your team. By practicing enough, you might be able to do the “Tornado Flick” consistently.

Customize Settings

Are some controls too far or awkwardly placed? Do you keep on missing what’s happening in the periphery? Change the settings of the game. Fiddle with whatever you need to make you comfortable. Make the camera swivel slower or faster. Increase the Field of View to have a better grasp of what’s happening around you. Increase or decrease the distance between the camera and car. Experiment and find the settings that work best for you.

Some important actions don’t have a key bound to it, so set those on a key that you’ll be comfortable using while in the middle of a maneuver. Set all the keybindings to something that makes you feel comfortable.

Be Decisive

Rocket League is one of those games where a split second decision can allow the team to score or not. Hesitating on an action can cost you the opportunity to do it in the first place. Once you’ve decided, stick with it and move on. If it costs a point for the other team, try again next time; if it scored a goal for your team, then good for you. Just don’t get paralyzed or refuse to stop moving.

Some Parting Words

There are other factors to consider while playing, but it’s better to learn from experience rather than reading some article. Either way, we hope this article helps you become a better or more efficient Rocket League player. May you collect all the Rocket League items you desire!


Summary: Five tips on how to become a better Rocket League player since it’s a team game. Players can utilize the walls and roof of an arena. Besides, maneuvering is essential, customizing the settings can help, and split-second decisions are the most important.