tinyBuild GAMES Reveals PAX East 2016 Lineup

tinyBuild GAMES Reveals PAX East 2016 Lineup

Developer and publisher tinyBuild Games is super happy to announce their line-up for PAX East 2016, which features two unannounced games and brand new playable demos for their highly anticipated titles like Clustertruck and The Final Station!

First off, tinyBuild is launching SpeedRunners on April 19th! This means half of the orange 1,500 sq feet booth will be dedicated to celebrating the competitive platformer. Come on over and try your luck against one of the best players in the world.

tinyBuild GAMES PAX East 2016 lineup:

SPEEDRUNNERS (steam page / trailer) – SpeedRunners is finally releasing out of Early Access and tinyBuild will have the top5 best player in the world showcasing his skills.

THE FINAL STATION (steam page / trailer) – The post apocalypse on a train is progressing really well. PAX Build has more levels, weapons, enemies, and train systems. CHOO CHOO!

CLUSTERTRUCK (steam page / subreddit) – Yes, the not-joke SUPERTRUCKmode is making it into the final game. Also, rockets, sci-fi and more. Clustertruck will have a super interesting PAX Build.

ROAD TO BALLHALLA (steam page / trailer) – The pun-filled game about getting to Ballhalla is almost complete and we will share our unique launch plans for later in the year.

PARTY HARD (steam page / trailer) – Announcements regarding more platorms inbound, let’s talk about how we continue working on the game with free updates — 7 months after the original release!

DIARIES OF A SPACEPORT JANITOR (teaser) – Is going to be tinyBuild’s first PC+Console launch and I’d love to talk about why that’s important for us. Not announcing which consoles yet though.

Unannounced game about trolls – Yes, that’s the one from the GIF in the beginning of this mail. I’m super excited, because it’s a multiplayer game… but not in its traditional sense.

Unannounced VR game – Our first VR game is all about entertaining crowds, and the PAX East demo will make you feel like a failed rockstar.

+Punch Club – with a punching machine next to it 😀 Yes, the game doesn’t showcase well (despite selling over $2m), so we decided to put an arcade punching machine there for fans to have a booth activity.

Watch the tinyBuild PAX East 2016 Line-Up trailer:

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