tinyBuild GAMES Launches BOID Today with Free Multiplayer and Twitch Integration

tinyBuild GAMES Launches BOID Today with Free Multiplayer and Twitch Integration

Mokus Games and tinyBuild Games have announced that RTS BOID is launching today for free on Steam.

BOID is a real-time strategy game where your only resource is your army. Capture spawner bases to create more units, and mutation bases to morph them into classes.

BOID Multiplayer Features:

  • Leaderboards, ranked & unranked matches
  • A fully functional level editor
  • Matches against bots of different difficulty
  • Everything you’d expect from a multiplayer indie game
  • Twitch Integration

The developer monetizes the multiplayer by simply selling cosmetic skins that have no impact on gameplay. Everyone who bought BOID during Early Access gets the Single-Player DLC for free.

A 10-Hour Single-Player Campaign Sold as DLC

For players who want to either learn the basics of the game in a more structured way, or for those who like single player experiences, we have hand-crafted a 10-hour long single-player campaign that dives deep into the story of the world and teaches you everything you’d need to know. Similar to how most RTSes structure their campaigns, BOID’s single-player focuses on creating situations that you will likely encounter in a multiplayer session.

Here is the BOID launch trailer:

Watch a Starcraft Pro play The Developer

Developed in Early Access for over a year, BOID went through a complete transformation. At its core is a highly competitive real-time strategy game where 3-minute matches give you the exhilaration of a long full-RTS match.

To test this, we invited White-Ra — the infamous StarCraft pro — to play a few matches with Maxym Hryniv, the game’s developer. After a few days of practicing, the two were off and the results are in the video.

Starting today, you will be able to download BOID for free on Steam.

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