tinyBuild Announces $30k in Cash Prizes for Indie Developers

tinyBuild Announces $30k in Cash Prizes for Indie Developers

Many of tinyBuild’s games came from Eastern Europe:

Party Hard and Phantom Trigger were developed in Ukraine. Punch ClubHello NeighborThe Final Station are from Russian teams. They have been very fortunate to be right there in the middle of a game development renaissance.

Not many of these teams are able to make it out to international festivals. The living costs in the region are very low, but that also limits travel opportunities. This is why tinyBuild works tirelessly to bring international knowledge to the local communities. They’ve already seen what that can do in countries like Poland (The Witcher as an example).

tinyBuild GAMES is sponsoring $30k in hard cash prizes for indie games at a game development event in Minsk, Belarus. Event’s called DevGAMM and has the region’s biggest game awards show. The Best Indie Game category has a total prize pool of $30k, distributed to:

  • $20k for the winner
  • $10k spread equally across 4 nominees
  • 5 nominees total, 1 becomes the winner, and 4 split the $10k
Considering that some of tinyBuild’s games had a total budget of just about the first place, they believe this might just help make or break the next indie hit. This is their way to give back to the community.

About DevGAMM:

  • Event takes place in Marriott Minsk on Nov 16-17
  • DevGAMM – about the conference
  • DevGAMM Awards – about the award show & criterias

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