theHunter: Call of the Wild ATV Saber 4X4 DLC Review for PC

theHunter: Call of the Wild ATV Saber 4X4 DLC Review for PC

If you have found yourself enjoying theHunter: Call of the Wild (by Publisher Avalanche Studios, developer Expansive Worlds and distributor astragon Entertainment) and its recreation of a realistic hunting experience, then you will know one of the top complaints is how long it takes to traverse the expansive map. In some people’s minds, the travel was perhaps too realistic. This newly released mod, ATV Saber 4X4 tries to offer a solution to the problem. The mod is relatively cheap at $3.99 and comes complete with a fleet of three ATVs. These ATVs do appear to be the same model, but feature different colorways to match your personal aesthetic.The ATVs are completely free to spawn and respawn. This is especially useful if a tracking expedition leads you to forget where you parked your ATV.

As for the actual gameplay, the controls for the ATV are pretty intuitive. The vehicle is pretty quick to start and stop, but it can be a challenge to turn. The sounds are incredibly realistic and well done. Overall, you can tell the developers took some time on the modeling of the ATV and implementing it into the game. The ATVs also have relatively realistic physics and the environment really does impact how the ATV traverses the environment. There is also a health system for the vehicle for when it takes damage, which can always be remedied with a simple respawn. The ATV will not stop driving until you bring it to a complete stop, which is also an interesting feature. Pulling up the pause menu will not make the ATV stop driving, which can be pretty bad if you aren’t careful.

There are several important features or lack of features to consider when getting this mod. First, is that you cannot interact with any signage or other items while on an ATV. I did find this a little frustrating, especially when trying to unlock new areas. This was perhaps the biggest grievance in my playthrough. Secondly, you cannot run over the animals. This is consistent with the type of gameplay that is presented and their desire to adhere to legality. I think it’s safe to say it’s not realistic for someone to try to hunt animals in this manner. This also means you cannot hunt while on the ATV, which is also against the law. Even if you could draw your weapon and fire, you would never find any animals because the ATVs are incredibly loud. The ATVs are basically for exploring other areas of the map more quickly and thoroughly because it can go on and off road. Although these features may have been fun for some to have, I think theHunter’s focus is more so on recreating a real experience. All things considered, I think if travel time is an issue you have been having or you simply like ATVs, then this may be a mod worth investing in.

I give the ATV Saber 4X4 DLC a solid 9/10.

Here is theHunter: Call of the Wild official DLC trailer, which offers a first look into the usability of the ATV Saber 4X4:

You can purchase theHunter: Call of the Wild for $29.99 for PC on Steam. The ATV Saber 4X4 DLC can be downloaded here for $3.99.

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