The UnEarth Initiative by Former Insomniacs Now on Kickstarter

Insomniac Games just announced that several of its former members, Inkling Games, have started a quirky space colonization sim, The Unearth Initiative on Kickstarter.

 Founded in 2857, the UnEarth Initiative remains one of the proudest traditions of the United Earth Alliance! This year we are excited to be launching our 1,000,000th Colony Ship! Aimed at a random star, and filled with the best convicts, debtors and political subversives that mankind has to offer, our millionth flag-ship voyage is sure to be a success! 


The UnEarth Initiative is a single player game. Some of its features include:

  • Procedurally Generated Worlds!
  • Programmable Rovots (with sharable programs)!
  • Dead colonies become archaeological sites in other players’ games!
  • Unique alien races, plants, and creatures!
  • Colonists with personality quirks and upgradable skills!

You can take a look at the official tweet and The UnEarth Initiative trailer below:

You can view the official The UnEarth Initiative on the official Kickstarter website. There are currently 16 backers with $450 pledged of the $200,000 goal with 29 more days to go.

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Source: Insomniac Games Twitter