The Undead are Rising with the Latest ALBION ONLINE Update Brutus

The Undead are Rising with the Latest ALBION ONLINE Update Brutus

New ‘Quality of Life’ Features, The Undead Content Expansion and User Interface Improvements Greet Albion Online Closed Beta Players

Berlin, Germany – January 26, 2016Sandbox Interactive, the developer of the first truly cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, today announced the second major content update since the successful Closed Beta launch at the end of the last year. Titled Brutus, the update expands PvE content, improves user interface and adds multiple community-anticipated features to enrich Albion Online’s world.

The Brutus update creeps in introducing additional PvE content including Undead Dungeons, Bosses and Mobs. The new dungeons named „Sunken City“ and the „Crypt“ will include a brand new feature allowing players to enter the same dungeon from different clusters and join the true co-op adventure fighting the gateway boss with plenty PvE action waiting ahead. The Undead Dungeons will also be appealing to solo players, who can find solo gateways to experience the full PvE challenge on their own. Whether playing solo or multiplayer, it’s worth to watch out for the new daunting members of the Undead faction – the Governor and the Necromancer will make even the bravest ones break a sweat.

To make the players’ lives easier and prepare them for the fight with the Undead, the Brutus update introduces several ‘Quality of Life’ features, including guild management tools. On top of that, Sandbox Interactive announced a broader set of improvements that will work towards optimizing the User Interface for every respective platform Albion Online supports (PC, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android). As a first step towards this, the “Brutus” update will already include an optimized PC interface with smaller menu buttons, new positioning for various HUD elements and more.

Find out more about the ‘Brutus’ update on the official website of Albion Online by visiting here.

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