The Sorcery! Epic Announced for Android and Kindle

The Sorcery! Epic has been announced for Android and Kindle in March.

The Sorcery! Epic Announced for Android and Kindle


Sorcery! developer inkle announced that the first part of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! will be hitting the Google Play and Amazon App stores on the March 12th. In addition, subsequent Sorcery! instalments will follow.

Here is what inkle had to say,

“Our developer, Iain Merrick, has managed to recreate the underlying iPhone and iPad systems used for user interface, imaging, audio and much more, in around three months. Until a few weeks ago, we weren’t even sure it was possible: but now, it’s ready, and we have an exact port of the original game, right down to using the same original Apple-specific code.”

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Source: inkle