The Frankenstein Wars Now on Kickstarter

Cubus Games (Necklace of Skulls) announced that the new gamebook, The Frankenstein Wars, has launched on Kickstarter.

The Frankenstein Wars Now on Kickstarter

The Frankenstein Wars is the dream project I’ve been waiting to do for over a decade. It’s a true interactive blockbuster that weaves the lives of our heroes and villains against a backdrop of hellish war with the soul of humanity at stake.” – Dave Morris

Even if you’re a fan of gamebook apps, you’ve never seen an interactive blockbuster like this. It’s gameplay-meets-story with the sweep and scale of a whole alternate-history universe. And with your help this is only the beginning.

Take a look at the hilarious Kickstarter launch video:

So head on over to Kickstarter and share this announcement with friends to help support The Frankenstein Wars.

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Source: Kickstarter