The Evil Within – Pre-E3 Roundup

The Bethesda Blog has begun its pre-E3 roundup, starting with The Evil Within, the survival-horror game in development from their Japanese team, Tango Gameworks.

Here is information, directly from the Blog:

AusGamers — “The game looks gorgeous. It has that Japanese horror feel we love with Western sensibilities built in. There’s a maturity to Mikami’s movement and horror design that beings his style into the new and, potentially, beyond. But most important of all is the greater sense of mystery.”
Polygon –  ”Tango Gameswork’s producer Masato Kimura said the game instills in the player a sense of uncertainty, and it is this ‘subtle, anxious, shapeless, unknowable sort of fear” that the game developers want to invoke.”
Game Informer — “While the base gameplay functions familiarly, the gore, mind games, and oppressive atmosphere have been ratcheted up.”
Eurogamer — “It’s certainly as pure as survival horror gets, with an emphasis on keeping the player vulnerable and outmatched, plus the obligatory side order of confusing mind games and grisly gross stuff.”
CVG — “The Evil Within is a welcome return to survival horror.”
VenureBeat — New preview and interview with producer Masato Kimura
OXM Online — “Though we hope Tango’s maiden voyage into survival-horror waters will pack more surprises than just the overly familiar peek-a-boo homages to scary games past, we jumped out of our seat more than once during the demo like frightened school kids.”

In case you missed it, here is the game trailer.