The Evil Within 2 Review for PC

The Evil Within 2 Review for PC

Video games are the best to feel the actual horror, when you are playing an actual horror game, takes you actually into the world and gives you scares. The Evil Within the first game came out in 2014. I didn’t played it but I did order it recently for my Playstation. Before I could get to that, I got the opportunity to play The Evil Within 2. Ironic that I got the game to play just a couple of weeks before Halloween. The game is developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda.

The infamous detective Sebastian Castellanos returns to the world like STEM from the first game. The game is taking place in an environment created by a machine, and it unites the mind – the machine has created city called Union in there. This time Sebastian finds out that his daughter is indeed alive and is being used as a core for the machine. And Kidman explains to him about his daughter being lost in the city of Union and the things are getting worse in there, where weird ghostly creatures are appearing. Also Mobius, the organization doing STEM research, sent in a team to retrieve Lily has been lost in the city as well. Our mission is to get into Union and save Lily and to establish contact with other Mobius agents who are currently trying to survive in there.

The Evil Within 2 Review for PC

The town has been a distorted space, and the places are separated in the space. You have to travel from one area to another using Marrows, which is like a sewer tunnel, more like portals. The game has really interesting characters, such as the mail villain who can freeze the time, and a lot of different monsters or I can say level bosses. The mini creeps in the town feel more like clickers from The Last of Us.

The Evil Within 2 is more of survival game, and it felt like playing Resident Evil 4, crafting things and upgrading. It’s all really well done. The gameplay was really interesting where you have your base of operation where you can enter through various safe houses in the town. It allows you to upgrade various senses including combat, health, stealth, regeneration, etc. This allows you to play with various weapons such as Pistol, Shotgun, and Crossbow with different types of ammos.

Overall, the graphics quality of the game is really interesting and kind of like cinematic, which looks really good. I had a couple of places where the frame rate dropped but nothing else so far. The depth of field makes the game looks really good and the sounds are the other best thing in the game – as soon as you hear clicking or weird humming noises, you are in for some trouble.

Overall, I would like to say this game has a really good story and the graphics and sound make it more interesting and scary. Some places during the game, the scares will make you freeze or startle you really bad. I would like to give this game a solid 9 stars.

Here is The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Video #1 – Marrows:

And, Check out The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Video #2 – Town Hall:

The Evil Within 2 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and has been rated M for Mature by the ESRB.