The BoX First Beta Announced

The BoX First Beta Announced

Dallas, TX — September 16, 2015 — White Clover Inc., the studio, lead by Joseph Hughes, officially announced their first beta, The BoX, a platformer-based game of color strategy.

In The BoX, players must master color-based powers to survive each tantalizing challenge. Be it a challenge of your use of colors or a simple maze, learn new tricks when old ones fail. Navigate an electrifying environment working against you at every turn.

Take a look at The BoX trailer:

About The Developer

White Clover Inc. started as a dream to help creative types get their work out into the world.  In the beginning we were only responsible for a fantasy series by Joseph Hughes (The Shadow of Recoste). However, The BoX has now come into being. We as a studio aim to provide what we consider a more distilled gaming experience, with challenges that leave you feeling accomplished and entertained rather than DLC micro transactions that tend to pull away from the immersion in the games world.  We want to make the games that brought us together with friends as kids alive again. We strive to spark conversations and help nurture friendships because the friendships forged even in the trials and tribulations of fantasy worlds can last a lifetime.

You can help vote for The BoX on Steam Greenlight right now.

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