The Amazing Eternals Developer Update and New Beta Code Giveaway

The Amazing Eternals Developer Update and New Beta Code Giveaway

The Amazing Eternals (TAE) dev team just launched its first  Devstream, revealing a bevy of new information and details from Digital
Extremes’ upcoming competitive first-person shooter packed with deck-building features. The news is deep with information about the game’s direction, upcoming content drops, and more.

After bringing back Niia, the sharp-shooting sniper with the wide brimmed cowgirl hat and deadly bow, and introducing her large Western map — the TAE team pulled the curtain off the newest Eternal, Worp. An Interdimensional Traveler, Worp is a one-eyed, green alien support player with abilities and weapons based around utility and healing. Worp’s weapons are the lovable little Twerps. Worp squeezes these Twerps to shoot enemies, coating allies and areas with a
variety of substances, depending on the Twerp. They’ll certainly be helpful for giving Worp and his allies the bonuses they need to turn the tide of battle.

The Amazing Eternals Developer Update and New Beta Code Giveaway

Currently, there is a new game mode actively being worked on, one “shrouded in mystery.” The devstream crew tentatively referred to the game mode as “daring delivery…” Want more on this? See the devstream overview #1 here.

Soaked in retro-pulp design, primed with a colorful, powerful assortment of assault, support, tank and control characters, and growing in size and content, The Amazing Eternals is growing fast! Expect a Devstream every other Friday at 4 p.m. ET, on alternate weeks of the Warframe Devstreams. Be sure to tune in next week (Friday, October 6) for the newest info. The Amazing Eternals also will be shown next at TwitchCon in Long Beach, CA, from Friday through Sunday, October 20-22

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