Terraria Releases Today on Windows Phone

Developer 505 Games has announced that Terraria will be releasing on Windows Phone today with Xbox Live enabled features.


Terraria, including the Hardmode update that recently hit iOS and Android devices, is now available for Windows Phone with Xbox LIVE enabled features!

As part of this exciting update, Terraria joined forces with Team17’s Worms™. The Worm pet is triggered by suspicious looking apples, which players receive when they kill enemy worms of any kind. Although the Worm pet doesn’t have the ability to attack, they do accompany players into boss battles as can be seen in the recently unveiled screenshots. Worms™ is the original laugh-out-loud turn-based strategy sensation from Team17, originally launched in 1995. With millions of players and fans around the world, the game has spawned versions for almost all platforms! Worms™ 3 is out now on iOS, Mac and Android.

To download Terraria on mobile, please visit:

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Source: Official Website