TeraBlaster Top-Down Roguelike Shooter Now Available

Black Shell Media, LLC (SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition,Overture) has announced that its new top-down roguelike shooter, TeraBlaster is available for download.

TeraBlaster Top-Down Roguelike Shooter Now Available

Take control of a rogue ship and and wage war against endless waves of foes in TeraBlaster!

Featuring classic top-down shooter mechanics, smooth addictive gameplay, TeraBlaster will keep you entertained for hours while you hurl gamma-grenades against your foes.


  • Explore procedurally generated environments
  • Ruthlessly destroy hordes of enemy spacecraft
  • Experience polished visuals and compelling gameplay
  • Engage with the philosophical and quirky backstory
  • Treat your ears to the gloriously retro OST

Here is the announcement trailer:

You can download TeraBlaster for $2.99 right now as well as vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

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Source: Official Website