Tap Quest Launching for iPhone, Screenshots and Trailer

Tap Quest Launching for iPhone, Screenshots and Trailer

Publisher nanoo Company has announced that its first iPhone game, Tap Quest, is slated for an end of July Releasse.

In Tap Quest, you play as a young warrior, defending the tower from monsters, where an evil, but dormant dragon lies within. You are to stop monsters trying to cast a spell to awaken the dragon. Along with your sword  attacks, you have 8 skills you can pick up and use to fend off the enemies. You’re not alone in the battle; a companion Fairy and Princess on top of the Tower will shoot out magic arrows to assist you. You will need to collect coins and gems dropped by the slain monsters and use them to upgrade your equipment and skills. For each world, there is a boss to to be defeated. In the end, you inevitably face the colossal Red Dragon.


Simultaneously attack and move left and right by tapping each side of the screen. Use 4 chosen skills (4 screen buttons) for additional attacks, collect coins and gems from the slain monster, and use them to upgrade weapons, skills, Fairy and the Tower. Fight big bosses at the end of each chapter.


  • Stunningly beautiful and uniquely new retro style graphics
  • Fantastic soundtracks ranging from House to Trance
  • Powerful level, skill and equipment upgrade system
  • 8 chapters of action packed battles against monsters
  • Acquire and collect 64 supernatural relics and get trophy rewards by completing challenges


  • Estimated Release Date: End of July, 2015 (Pending App Store approval)
  • Review with TestFlight on iOS (Check on TestFlight on iPhone/iPod or send us an email back with a valid address and we’ll add you right away)
  • Price: Free
  • Platform: iPhone and iPod (iOS 8 and above)
  • Available from Apple App Store


Here are the new screenshots:

And, here is the official gameplay video:

Source: Press Release