Tanki X gamescom 2016 Impressions, Details and Beta Keys Giveaway


I had the pleasure of meeting with Russian developer, AlternativaPlatform, last week at gamescom to view their multiplayer action game, Tanki X.

I thought that this arcade-like tank combat game has really good customization features for the tanks. In addition, I believe that it’s a large improvement from its predecessor.

Here are the Tanki X Key Features:

  • Make your own destruction machine by combining unique weapons and hulls
  • Make the tank looking fancy. Choose skins and paints, put stickers on tanks (in future) and tune smaller details like shooting color, tracks and antennas — you’re gonna love your tank like people love their new Porsche.
  • In Tanki X all battles are supposed to be intense and fun. That’s why there are instant respawns, supplies spawning on maps (and available for purchase at low price), maps of different sizes and customizable tanks (it’s quite awesome to see flames, plasma projectiles, railgun rays and other shooting effects of different type and color around you).

Although the game is F2P, the developer has put all of their efforts to create fair economy to make sure pay-to-win is impossible. Players can purchase vanity items for their tanks.

Here are the Tanki X gamescom 2016 screenshots:

Watch the Tanki X gameplay video:

We have Beta Keys to give away so make sure to drop us a note (contact@gamingcypher.com) and we’ll send it your way.

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