ALKIMYA Adventure Game Based on Alchemy Needs Your Votes on Steam Greenlight

ALKIMYA Adventure Game Bbased on Alchemy Needs Your Votes on Steam Greenlight

Brasilia – Prepare your lab, separate your ingredients and get ready for action. Developer Bad Minions has announced that their new game based on the alchemy universe, ALKIMYA, is now on Steam Greenlight.

Become a master alchemist, creating your own potions with no recipes, solving puzzles and fighting fearsome creatures. Shape the reality using main elements (air, water, earth and fire) to create new ones (lava, lightning, ice and more) and manipulate the environment to your advantage. Change the bottles to make different effects, transforming an explosion into a barrier.

ALKIMYA Adventure Game Bbased on Alchemy Needs Your Votes on Steam Greenlight

Alkimya takes place in a fantasy world, in a region that once was the cradle of alchemy, but now is devastated by an old war. The land was abandoned. Test subjects of decades of experiments have escaped and made the region their lair.

Seth, the main character, wakes up in this dangerous area, confused and with no memories, but some alchemy knowledge. He starts his journey to survive and recover his identity, assisted by a mysterious homunculus.

Alkimya promises to be an adventure with RPG and Action elements. Players will also be able to play the main story with a friend on the local co-op mode, joining as a flying homunculus.

ALKIMYA Adventure Game Bbased on Alchemy Needs Your Votes on Steam Greenlight

Alkimya Features:

  • Make your own potion: Combine elements to create new ones! Air + Fire = Lightning. Change the flask to modify the type of the bomb. Transform an explosion into a barrier!
  • Interactive environment: Through alchemy, raise the water level of a lake, cross a river by creating ice platforms, use the wind to move objects, lightning to start an engine.
  • Real time tactical combat: Each enemy has a unique behavior, a better way to defeat it and elemental resistance and weakness. Choose the potions wisely andplay smart!
  • Alchemy puzzles: Solve the most challenging puzzles by using potions! They can combine multiple elements and be dynamic, changing over time!
  • Local co-op mode: A second player can join the main story as a homunculus to help in combat, solve puzzles and collect resources.
  • Rich and diverse dungeons: Each one has its own theme, terrain and vegetation. Visit a homunculi factory in a volcano and a submerged temple in a swamp! And the most important, you can only progress through them if you improve as an alchemist and use all your knowledge!
  • Exciting new universe: Alkimya brings a new and fresh fantasy world. A place of science, adventure and mystery. Home of homunculi, chimeras and masters alchemists.

Here is the Alkimya new gameplay trailer:

Bad Minions is an indie dev studio located in Brasília, Brazil. Founded in August of 2012, the studio has worked on mobile games over its firsts years. The team has grown since then and currently there are six minions. Now focusing on 3D games development for PC and Consoles, Bad Minions is working on Alkimya at full swing! The studio is also part of a big indie house, where the devs can share experience and friendship with two other independent studios (Behold and Otus).

You can vote right now for Alkimya on Steam Greenlight. The game is a PC/Mac and Consoles title and will be released in 2017.