Take on Mars Expedition One Content Update Details

Developer Bohemia Interactive has released the Expedition One content update for Take on Mars.

The first part of the Expedition One content update will enable players to explore the planet in a manned science buggy that includes an interactive 3D GUI. Players will first need to explore the new Cydonia Mensae location, which “spans 8×8 kilometer of Martian terrain.”

In addition, a 3D printer will allow players to construct buildings and installations by  using the Habitat Construction System.

Part two of the Expedition One update will release in May and will includes the following:

  • Resource extraction &transfer
  • Habitat pressurization
  • Marsonaut vitals

Take a look at the Expedition One content update notes taken directly from the Take on Mars website:


MAIN BRANCH UPDATE 15th April 2014
11th April 2014:
– Added technology highlight link lines when an item is selected in the left of the Tech Tree
8th April 2014:
– Added cursor-based selecting to the in-game Editor
– Added multi-selecting via mouse drag to the in-game Editor
– Added Create At Cursor and Create At Camera shortcuts (default T and C)
– Improved selecting/deselecting in the in-game Editor
– Improved saving in the in-game Editor, providing a fail safe on crash
4th April 2014:
– Added 3D Printer for creating new panels
– Added driving of vehicles
– Added Science Buggy for playing around and testing driving
– Added interactive 3D GUIs (example in the Science Buggy)
– Updated the Cydonia Mensae location with layers, rocks and so on
20th March 2014:
– Added Mars 3 mission to Ptolemaeus Crater

You can download Take on Mars for $17.99/€13.99/£11.99 through Steam Early Access.

Source: Take on Mars