Take Off – The Flight Simulator on Approach for PC this October

Take Off – The Flight Simulator on Approach for PC this October

Moenchengladbach, September 22, 2017 – “We’re cleared for take-off!“ will be the motto of Take Off – The Flight Simulator by astragon Entertainment when it will be released for PC in just a few weeks’ time. The successful flight simulator, which has so far delighted owners of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and phones and tablets using the Android operating system, will now offer a rich variety of challenges to virtual hobby and professional pilots on PC this coming October.

Take Off – The Flight Simulator ensures a successful start into every piloting career by virtue of a comprehensive tutorial, which explains the individual gameplay features as well as controls to first-timers and advanced players alike.

After the successful beginning of their aviation career, players will be able to explore the eight large main islands of Hawaii within a completely open game world using the free-flight mode. Here, fifty challenging missions also await to be mastered by the players. These include next to regular transport missions, tourist flights, dramatic rescue missions as well as gripping emergency landings.

By completing these missions successfully the player acquires by and by additional flight licenses, which in turn will grant him access to more and more models from the game’s pool of 24 planes. The model range offers a wide choice of vessels to suit every plane fan from a small light aircraft, to a fighter plane, heavy transport vessel, aerobatic plane, passenger aircraft and even a supersonic plane. All planes including their cockpits have been authentically recreated to mirror their real-life counterparts.

Reaching an advanced game level also unlocks the game’s management mode. Here, the player will be able to send his planes to roughly 21 airports of well-known cities such as Frankfurt, Moscow, New York or Sydney, where he can control the planes’ descend and landing.

In addition to the 3D cockpit view, several more camera views are there to ensure that the player will not miss the breathtaking landscapes of Take Off – The Flight Simulator even during the most demanding takeoff or landing.

Take a Look at the Take Off – The Flight Simulator PC Release Trailer:

Take Off – The Flight Simulator will be available for PC via Steam October 10, 2017 and is currently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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