Takashi Tezuka Interview on Bringing Yoshi’s New Island to the 3DS

Kyoto-based company, Arzest, supervised and directed Yoshi’s New Island.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Producer Takahashi Tezuka (Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf), talked about his inspiration to revisit the style of Yoshi’s Island rather than that of Yoshi’s Story:

Both titles featured Yoshi, but looking at it purely in terms of console features, Yoshi’s Story – with its 3D handicraft-esque world – was easier to create 3D representations for on the home console. In contrast, the world of Yoshi’s Island – which feels like it’s been hand drawn – seemed perfectly suited to the expressive power of the Nintendo 3DS.

Yoshi’s Island was definitely the simpler of these two games, both in terms of gameplay and construction, and we thought it would be the perfect choice for a new Yoshi action game for this console.

When asked about whether or not any members of the respective teams involved with the original Yoshi’s Island were on Super NES, Tezuka said,

Yes, we had some members who had worked on the original Yoshi’s Island.

We wanted to follow in the footsteps of the previous title while at the same time creating a new Yoshi’s Island for the current generation, so it was important that we fully understood the meaning and purpose of the enemies and features that appeared previously.
We used the original as a base on which to add new elements, so having some of the original members on board for their knowledge and experience was invaluable.

Then he was asked if the world and its stages entirely new designs, or are aspects of Yoshi’s Island on Super NES revisited, to which Tezuka replied,

For Yoshi’s New Island, we wanted to make a new world that still kept the warm and friendly vibe of the original Yoshi’s Island on the Super NES. We did this by emphasizing the hand-drawn feel of the world such as the parts that look like oil paintings, water colors, or crayon drawings.

You can read up more about Tezuka’s Yoshi’s New Island interview with Nintendo Life here. Meanwhile, you can view the 3DS Yoshi’s New Island Eggs–otic Locales video as well as the Nintendo 3DS launch video.

Yoshi’s New Island released March 14 for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. Will you be getting a copy?

Source: Nintendo Life