Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Surpasses 1 Million Sold Copies with Free DLC

STOCKHOLM – Independent game developer Fatshark has announced that Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide has surpassed one million copies sold.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, they are giving the players a treat – the Lorebook DLC. Totally free, but you got to work for it. The pages have been ripped out of the book and scattered around Ubersreik. As you collect them, you will unlock the stories behind various locations, enemies, and the heroes, as well as information about the Warhammer Fantasy world. A must read for the FANtastic players of Vermintide. Console players can also enjoy a free DLC; Quests & Contract. read more

Fatshark Celebrates Milestone of 500,000 Copies Sold for Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

STOCKHOLM – Independent developer Fatshark announced that they have sold over 500,000 copies of Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide for PC.

“We are really happy with the sales so far. We reached half a million copies much faster than we estimated. As a small studio, this really is an amazing milestone for us. The office is a hive of excitement.” says Martin Wahlund, CEO Fatshark, who continued “We are overwhelmed by the positive response from both players and critics alike, and this has given us the extra drive to continue providing exciting and engaging content so that everyone can continue to enjoy the game long into the future.” read more