PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup for January 2017

The PlayStation Plus free games lineup for January has been revealed by Sony.

PS4 January Free Games:

    • Day of the Tentacle Remastered that supports cross-buy with PS Vita
    • This War of Mine: The Little Ones
    • The Swindle (also available on PS3 and Vita)
    • Titan Souls (also available on Vita)

    In addition, PS3 free game for this month is Blazerush and Azkend 2: The World Beneath is available for PS Vita. read more

The Bridge Heading to Consoles this Month

Developers Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda have announced that The Bridge is heading to consoles this month.

The Bridge is a 2D logic puzzle game that forces the player to reevaluate their preconceptions of physics and perspective. It is Isaac Newton meets M. C. Escher. Manipulate gravity to redefine the ceiling as the floor while venturing through impossible architectures. Explore increasingly difficult worlds, each uniquely detailed and designed to leave the player with a pronounced sense of intellectual accomplishment. The Bridge exemplifies games as an art form, with beautifully hand-drawn art in the style of a black-and-white lithograph. read more