BRUT@L Review for PC

Developed by Stormcloud Games and published by Rising Star Games, a self-professed “re-imagining of the classic ASCII dungeon crawler”, Brut@l allows players to select from four different classes to combat twenty-six levels, featuring a multitude of enemies. read more

Brut@l New Trailer Introduces Warrior and Ranger Classes

Meet the Ranger and Warrior, two out of the four hero classes available to intrepid dungeoneers in Brut@l, the procedurally generated co-op monster-slaying adventure. The Ranger and the Warrior both bring their own unique fighting styles to the action of Brut@l – as seen in these action-packed trailers, the Ranger wields his one-handed sword to defend against unwanted attacks, while the Warrior brings down the warhammer with thunder-like force to crush his foes. read more

Brut@l Unveils Amazon and Mage Classes

Meet the Mage and the Amazon, two out of the four hero classes available to intrepid dungeoneers in Brut@l, the procedurally generated co-op monster-slaying adventure. Both the Mage and Amazon excel at ranged combat in different ways – the Amazon uses her great speed and deadly accuracy with bow and arrow, while the Mage conjures elemental magic like fire and ice to eviscerate evil creatures. read more

Brut@l Dungeon Crawler Releases New Co-op Trailer

A new co-op trailer has been released for dungeon crawler, Brut@l by developer Stormcloud Games and publisher Rising Star Games.

Evoke the nostalgia of all-night gaming sessions from years past! Share the adventure by exploring Brut@ls dungeon with a friend in local co-op and lay waste to hordes of enemies that stand between you and floor 26. Be careful though…if your friend dies, you’ll need to decide if you go on without them or give them some of your health to carry on the fight. read more

Dungeon Crawler Brut@l Coming to PC February 9

Uniquely stylised dungeon crawler from Stormcloud Games set for global PC release via digital retailers

London, UK – January 9, 2017 – Videogame publisher Rising Star Games today confirmed the global release date for the visually striking and critically-applauded action game Brut@l. On February 9, PC gamers across the globe can enjoy this re-imagining of the classic ASCII dungeon crawler. read more