Oh My Godheads Review for PC

Capture the flag may be one of the oldest, most basic premises for a game ever, but it is a classic that can be easily reinvigorated with a fresh design and a few modifications. Oh My Godheads by developer Titutitech and publisher Square Enix Collective is a multiplayer combat game that is loosely based off of capture the flag, and it succeeds in keeping it engaging and fun by changing up the rules and impressing with its colorful, sharp style. With a few tweaks in gameplay, it has a bright future ahead. read more

Square Enix Collective’s Sharp & Shadowy TOKYO DARK Now Available

Cherrymochi’s psychological point-and-clicker is a go

London, UK – Thursday, 7 September 2017: With the aim of bringing a darker edge to the point-and-click genre, Tokyo Dark’s psychological thriller has been turning heads ever since it smashed through its Kickstarter goal with ease back in May 2015. Now, Square Enix Collective is proud to announce Tokyo Dark is available on Steam for PC. read more

BLACK THE FALL a Dystopian Puzzle-Platformer Launched by Square Enix Collective on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Escape oppression in this atmospheric dystopian adventure

Tuesday 11 July, London, UK: Surviving in a totalitarian state might not seem like the most welcoming environment for a puzzle-platformer, but Black The Fall’s ode to oppression has been capturing gamers’ attention ever since it was first unveiled in 2014. It’s with great excitement that today Square Enix Collective launches Sand Sailor Studio’s debut title on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. read more