SongArc Wendy Starland Gameplay Video

Developer SongArc Kft. has released a new SongArc Wendy Starland gameplay video.

Wendy Starland is one the first Featured Artists from SongArc. Wendy’s not just an award-winning singer, songwriter and producer who discovered and developed Lady Gaga, but she has also honored SongArc with launching her new song, “Raven” exclusively within SongArc. read more

SongArc Preview Video for iPhone

Developer SongArc Kft. has released an iPhone preview video for SongArc.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary gameplay with expressive gestures for phones or tablets
  • Play any song, anywhere: All genres welcome!
  • A sophisticated built-in Sheet Creator lets players create and share
    their own way of playing
  • Free content from amazing Featured Artists
  • An easy way for upcoming artists to grow their fan base and sell more albums

SongArc will launch on both Google and Apple platforms on March 11th during South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. read more