Archangel Review for PlayStation VR

Archangel by Skydance Interactive (PWND) is one of the most immersive Virtual Reality (VR) games released to date. Teamed up with a giant mech and a sassy A.I. get driven through a story motivated rail shooter all the while blasting your way through an entire hostile armada. This game is perfect for fulfilling all those mech dreams we’ve been having after Gundam, Metal Gear, and Pacific Rim. read more

PWND Ultra High-Mobility Rocket Arena Shooter Explodes onto PCs with Low Price of $12.99

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SANTA MONICA, CALIF. – AUGUST 29, 2017 – Following its debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Skydance Interactive is ready to ignite the first-person shooter (FPS) community with an all-new price of $12.99 for its high-flying, fast-paced, pulse-pounding rocket arena shooter PWND on Windows PC via Steam Early Access. Hardcore PWND players will soon gain access to a steady stream of additional free content, including new levels of gameplay, characters, weapons, maps, tournament features, and more in the coming months. read more

PWND Preview for PC on Steam Early Access

Hilariously over-the-top and thrillingly addicting, PWND is a crazy shooter game that combines rocket arena-style combat with “excessive celebration.” This game is as enjoyable as it is obnoxious, and it unapologetically encourages every player to be a bad loser and a shameless winner. In each match, two teams of three face off and try to kill each other as many times as possible; however, that is not all. A kill only counts if you “PWN” your opponent, which basically means taunting and dancing over their dead body. Moreover, it takes a small period of time to complete a “PWN,” and within that time, your opponent’s team member can find you, kill you, and PWN you instead. Each PWN gives your team a few points (in some “PWN zones” you can earn double the points), and the first team to get to 80 points wins the match. Not surprisingly, each match is full of death and destruction, stolen victories, and a whole lot of dancing. It taps into your competitive streak and hunger for vengeance, so definitely do not play this game if you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing activity. But the endless activity and interesting variety of characters is so exciting that you find yourself impatient to start the next round of exhilarating chaos. read more

Archangel Available Now on Playstation VR

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – PRNewswire – Skydance Interactive debuted its first virtual reality game – award-winning first-person shooter Archangel – exclusively on PlayStation VR. Using DUALSHOCK 4 or PlayStation Move hand controllers, players will step into the cockpit to pilot a six-story high war machine and lead their squad mates in an incredible VR battle across the scarred landscapes of a post-apocalyptic America. Archangel is now available at the official PlayStation Store for $39.99. read more

ARCHANGEL E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer Released by Skydance Interactive

To commemorate the first day of E3, Skydance Interactive have released the trailer for their amazing new flagship VR game Archangel!

Archangel, the first original title by Skydance Interactive, is an action-packed, story-driven shooter that was created exclusively for virtual reality. In the game, players are dropped into the cockpit of a six-story-high war-machine, a one-of-a-kind weapon that must stop a tyrannical corporation from taking over a post-apocalyptic America. Through stunningly detailed graphics, engaging storytelling techniques, and explosive action, Archangel delivers state-of-the-art VR gameplay like no other. The title will be made available on the leading VR platforms, including Oculus, Steam, Viveport, and Playstation. read more