SimCity BuildIt Adds Lakes, Rivers, and Forests

Now Mayors Can Build Greener Cityscapes with New Landscape Tiles

It’s time for Mayors to ready their cities, as the latest update to SimCity BuildIt introduces highly-anticipated landscape customization options, alongside new Contest of Mayors Seasons and a special Halloween event. read more

SimCity Details Mods

SimCity Lead Gameplay Scripter, Guillaume Pierre, talked about several SimCity Mods.

Specifically, Pierre talked about the following Mods: The Extended Worker Data Mod – adds 3 bars to the civic, commercial and industrial buildings rollovers that gives you just that information and will also help you make informed decisions in regards to zoning for residential buildings. The Closer Road Guides Mod – tightens the distance tuning for road guides, so streets and avenues get placed closer to each other when using guides. As a result, there is very little empty space in the back of each building, so you can get more houses into your city. The Purple Line in Industrial Tech Map Mod – takes the pink and purple lines that go from colleges and universities and directs them to factories and certain power plants that appear in the Industrial Tech Map. This is helpful to predict which factories are going to get skill first, and which ones are going to upgrade next. You can read up more details on the official SimCity Blog page and you can also take a look at the SimCity offline tutorial video here. read more

SimCity – New Update 8.01 Deployed Today

EA and Maxis have rolled out Update 8.01 for SimCity today.

The update contains education and tech fixes.

Here is what the developer had to say:

After releasing Update 8.0, we received lots of great feedback. Some players reported an issue after the update where some existing cities saw a sharp drop in education skill level, which put their technology industries into a decline. Investigating this issue immediately became our top priority. Thanks to your help and additional information, the source of the problem was located and a solution was created. Our QA team and DevTest participants has been working ever since to ensure the solution was successful and we will be releasing an update today with update 8.01. read more