Odysseus Kosmos and His Robot Quest Review for PC

Expertly designed and extremely realistic, Odysseus Kosmos and His Robot Quest by developer Pavel Kostin and publisher Herocraft, is a classic science fiction game that combines lighthearted humor with challenging mental puzzles. In the game you play as Odysseus Kosmos, the lone human crew member of a research vessel space station floating in far away space. The main mission is to survive the dangers of space while also repeatedly repairing your ship, which constantly seems to be breaking down. Although I personally found the pace of the game a bit slow at times, the high quality of the graphics, characters, and gameplay makes it a winner. read more

Super Beat Sports Review for Nintendo Switch

When gamers hear the word “sports,” they tend to let out a little groan. A fair amount of the disdain of these physical contests comes from the sentiment that they’re “boring,” and the marriage of sports and the medium of video gaming has been patchy at best. Some sports games, however, like to spice things up by adding in a special ingredient, and in the case of Super Beat Sports, it’s the universal language itself, music. Super Beat Sports by Harmonix Music Systems is a rhythm party game exclusive to the Nintendo Switch that promises colorful charm and addictive mechanics. If you are a fan of the rhythm game genre and its consistently frenetic gameplay, chances are that you’ll want to pick this up. read more

A HAT IN TIME Review for PlayStation 4

Developer, Gears for Breakfast, has brought the lovechild A Hat In Time to consoles after over five years of development and surpassing a Kickstarter goal by tenfold. Director Jonas Kaerlev saw a depletion of 3D platformers in the gaming market, and wished to revive the Nintendo 64 magic with a modern whimsical journey which did not devolve into a collect-athon. The result is a jovial game packed with meta moments and sneaky dark spells. read more

Assault Android Cactus Review for Xbox One

Twin-Stick shooters have been a ripe genre for downloadable games ever since we got our first taste of games like Geometry Wars, Binding of Isaac, Hotline Miami, and countless others.  This genre’s strengths are in its ability to flood the screen with enemies as you strafe and shoot while avoiding attacks and tight, satisfying shooting.  Assault Android Cactus from Witchbeam delivers these in spades with equally fantastic level design and a varied cast of player characters who cater to different playstyles.  The game was originally released for PC in 2015, but it has just arrived for Xbox One and there has never been a better time to dive in. read more

Hyakki Castle Review for PC

Hyakki Castle, developed by Asakusa Studios and published by Happinet, is an RPG dungeon crawler set in ancient Japan. Battling enemies, exploring the castle, and solving puzzles are some of the few tasks you can accomplish in this game. read more

TransRoad USA Review for PC

After being fired from a trucking company, you and your partner decided to open your own business. Only having your partner’s truck you decide to open your HQ in your hometown. From there you must manage your logistics and resources to continue to grow, while keeping the US economy running. If you enjoy management games and trucks then you’re in the right place! TransRoad USA by Deck13 Hamburg and astragon entertainment is listed at $24.99 on Steam for PC. read more