Switch – or Die Trying Review for PC

Switch – or Die Trying, according to its Steam description, “is a 2D puzzle platforming game with a heart-warming narrative, that mixes classic platform mechanics with a nimble ‘switching’ twist.” It is the most recent title from indie Indian developer Threye Interactive and has all the features and charm of an indie game. It features unique characters, which are letters of the alphabet. It is a fun and whimsical, however, it is not without its faults. read more

Switch – Or Die Trying Out on Steam Today

Test Your Skills and Patience in Threye Interactive’s New 2D Puzzle Platformer

New Delhi, India – Indian game development studio Threye Interactive today announced the launch of their 2D puzzle platformer Switch – Or Die Trying on Steam for Windows and Mac OS X. Starring as the letter ‘i’ players set out on an adventure across five subtly designed worlds to mend broken friendships with the remaining letters of the alphabet. The classic platforming mechanics employed in the game are complimented with a ‘switching’ twist that adds more versatility as well as more challenge into this addictive platforming experience. read more

SWITCH Touching 2D Platformer Heading Soon to PC and Xbox One

Brand New Puzzle Platformer Unveils Unique ‘Switching’ Mechanic

New Delhi, India – February 7, 2017 – Independent games developer Threye Interactive today announced Switch, a brand new touching puzzle platformer, to be released on Steam for PC on March 7th and on Microsoft Xbox One later this Spring, where players embody the letter ‘i’, on an adventure to redeem lost friendship. Featuring over 70 challenging levels that span across five visually soothing worlds, Switch is a 2D puzzle platforming game with a heartwarming narrative, that mixes classic platform mechanics with a nimble ‘switching’ twist. Leisurely paced, challenging, and addictively fun, Switch will keep players’ palms sweaty and thumbs fatigued. read more

Tough-As-Nails Hardcore Platformer PROG.1 Now Available for PC & Mac

Become the virus and avoid deletion in PROG.1 — available now on Steam

Created by Vector Arcade and published by new indie label Groupees Interactive, prog.1 tells the story of a sentient computer virus that threatens the mysterious G.Ai.A project. Doctors Keiko and Cushing, responsible for accidentally releasing the virus, now must race against time to eradicate the infection … or G.Ai.A will be lost forever. read more

TurnOn Launching on PC, Mac and Xbox One June 1st

Developer Brainy Studio out of Perm, Russian has announced that platformer TurnOn will be launching June 1st on PC, Mac and Xbox One.

TurnOn is the game designed for all ages, inspired by the global movement Earth Hour, which is held by WWF, and desire to make an amazing story as in a great book or in an incredible movie. In TurnOn, the whole city has been plunged into darkness. After an accident at the power station, a living electric spark must restore electricity to the city and give citizens back their safe and carefree lives. TurnOn tells the spellbinding tale of a brave alien creature and its striking journey through blackout world, in an incredibly colorful and detailed platformer without platforms. Featuring a charming art style and visual storytelling, cute character personality, and a soothing and magical soundtrack, TurnOn makes the world the way it was before, but a little better and kinder. read more

Excalibur Releases New Video for 2D Platformer Perfect Universe

Excalibur is set to launch Perfect Universe – a black and white line drawn 2D platform game, in February, 2016 from indie developer Will Sykes.

Perfect Universe features a challenging collection of nine games with crazy physics and tested with gravitational pull of varying strength depending on the size of the matter.  There are both single player games and a whole section of multi-player games it is both frustrating and addictive to play.  Single player games include some classic platforming in Perfect Moon, attempting to control the feet of a character in Moon Life – much harder than it sounds – and a new take on the classic “Thrust” game genre. read more