PAX 2017 Impressions: Party Hard 2

I had a great time visiting the Party Hard 2 Booth at PAX West 2017!

Party Hard 2 is a stealth strategy game from developer Pinokl Games and Publisher tinyBuild GAMES. In this game, the player aims to stop parties by any means necessary. This sequel now boasts a new visual engine that merges 2D and 3D together. Stab, burn, blow-up, electrocute your way to ending the party in this comedic Hitman-esque game. You can try the Alpha 1 build now for free. read more

Party Hard Keeps on Partying with Sharknados and More Updates

Publisher tinyBuild Games and developer Pinokl Games have announced the latest update and Sharknados in Party Hard.

  • Party Hard launched on Steam last Tuesday
  • PAX Prime turned into a large dance party on the 6th floor with crowds waiting to play the game
  • Hundreds of streamers jumped on the twitch chat integration
  • Expect a steady stream of new content that’s NOT paid DLC

The latest update introduces new twitch events, including a Miami-level specific Sharknado event. We are overwhelmed by the positive reception the game’s getting, and the twitch chat integration feature is one of the most exciting things we ever launched. read more