PAX West 2017 Impressions: AER – Memories of Old

While visiting the Daedalic and Forgotten Key booth at PAX West 2017, I had a great time taking a look at AER – Memories of Old.

AER – Memories of Old is an adventure amongst the clouds from Swedish developer Forgotten Key and publisher Daedalic. Play as a girl with the ability to transform into a bird to explore a world of floating islands in the clouds. Unlock secrets through environmental puzzles at your own pace. As one of the last shapeshifters, it is up to you to uncover the secrets that will save reality itself. read more

PAX West 2017 Impressions: Divinity: Original Sin 2

I had a great time while visiting the Larian Studios booth at PAX West 2017 to take a look at Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an isometric, RPG from crowd-funded developer Larian Studios. Divinity has tactical turn-based combat that can be played alone or online with up to three other players. The story takes place many generations after the events of the first Divinity: Original Sin, sorcery has been outlawed by Bishop Alexandar the Innocent. Those who are suspected of having Source powers are enemies of the state. read more

PAX West 2017 Impressions: Light Tracer

I had a great time at the Oasis Games booth at PAX West 2017 while playing Light Tracer!

Light Tracer is a new take on the platforming genre in VR. The player will take control of a god-like character who is tasked with helping a pretty, little princess climb to the top of a tower. The player will need to manipulate the environment and change the point-of-view in order to properly direct the princess in the right path and solve puzzles. With eight unique chapters planned, players will be treated to a variety of puzzles and enemies along the way. read more

PAX West 2017 Impressions: Pathologic 2

While at PAX West 2017, I had the pleasure of visiting the tinyBuild GAMES booth to play Pathologic 2!

Pathologic 2 is a survival thriller set in a town being ravaged by a deadly plague. Originally developed by Ice-Pick Lodge and released in Russia to critical and commercial success, Pathologic 2 is a reimagining of the first game being made by TinyBuild. Due to translation issues, the original was never popular in America. Now the cult classic will be available to an entirely new audience. With only 12 days, the player will attempt to find an alleged twin-sister, uncover the truth behind the death of your father, and assume the mantle of the town’s Chief Medic. With the infection taking hold, players will need to do whatever it takes to survive. read more

PAX West 2017 Impressions: The King’s Bird

While at PAX West 2017, I had a great time visiting the Indie Megabooth to take a look at Serenity Forge’s game The King’s Bird.

The King’s Bird is an indie platformer developed by Serenity Forge. It’s a momentum-based game where speed matters. Running on walls, jumping, and gliding through levels is a breeze with tight controls and excellent level design. With a goal to create a precision-platformer that also has Sonic level speed to go with it. With a textless narrative, players will be asked to think about the benefits and consequences of freedom through its gameplay. read more

PAX West 2017 Impressions: Yoku’s Island Express

I’d like to thank Team17 for letting me visit their booth at PAX West 2017 and take a look at Yoku’s Island Express.

Yoku’s Island Express is platformer like you’ve never seen before! Have you ever felt like you love pinball, but hate the static nature of playing the same thing over and over again? Yoku’s plans to change that by mixing pinball and traditional side-scrolling platforming together. Using classic pinball mechanics, players will bounce and break their way through puzzles. read more

PAX WEST 2017 Impressions: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

I had the pleasure of visiting the Monolith booth at PAX West 2017 to try out Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has taken its famous Nemesis system to the next level. Everything that was good, new, and refreshing about the first game has been expanded in every conceivable way. Branded orcs can be made to spy, betray, duel, and even act as a bodyguard. Entire strongholds can be attacked and conquered. All weapons and armor can be modified and upgraded. There’s also a Balrog. read more

PAX West 2017 Impressions: Hello Neighbor

I’d like to thank the fine crew of tinyBuild GAMES at the Hello Neighbor booth at PAX West 2017!

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game that’s getting a lot of attention. On the surface, Hello Neighbor does not look like a horror game. After noticing some suspicious activity, it is up to the player to sneak into his neighbor’s house and figure out what is going on. However, the neighbor is no idiot, he will react to your strategies and adjust accordingly. It is currently in Beta, with a free Alpha 2 demo available to the public. It is also possible to get access to behind-the-scenes builds as they arrive. read more

PAX 2017 Impressions: Party Hard 2

I had a great time visiting the Party Hard 2 Booth at PAX West 2017!

Party Hard 2 is a stealth strategy game from developer Pinokl Games and Publisher tinyBuild GAMES. In this game, the player aims to stop parties by any means necessary. This sequel now boasts a new visual engine that merges 2D and 3D together. Stab, burn, blow-up, electrocute your way to ending the party in this comedic Hitman-esque game. You can try the Alpha 1 build now for free. read more

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Review for PlayStation 4

Masquerada: Songs and Shadow is a top down action/adventure game by Witching Hour Studios and Ysbryd Games. You are dropped into the City of Ombre as Cicero Gavar a former Inspettore of the Citte. Cicero has been assigned the task of investigating the disappearance of important White Spire members. While the player is not given many details in the beginning of the game as to who Cicero is or what the world around him is like, players can piece it together as they go through the game. One thing the player does understand is the objects known as mascherines are weapons of great power; and the struggle for that power has left the world wounded. read more