tinyBuild Announces ONE TROLL ARMY Playable Today at PAX East 2016

Developer and publisher tinyBuild Games is super excited to reveal One Troll Army, the experimental multiplayer defense game. It plays similar to a Tower Defense game with top-down view, think a merge of Warcraft and Kingdom Rush and you control an individual unit, a large Troll — while upgrading both him and your fort. The twist? 

One Troll Army is a live multiplayer game. where you play against the Twitch Chat.

  • When streaming One Troll Army, the chat controls individual units that come in waves
  • As an in-chat player, you can assign commands to your unit and even customize him
  • If the chat wins, they get points that they can spend on upgrading their units. If the Troll/player wins a round, he spends points on upgrading his character and the fort
When & How
  • Developed by FlyAnvil in Russia
  • Producer by tinyBuild in Seattle, USA
  • Coming to Steam in a few weeks

Here is the One Troll Army announcement trailer:

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