Neon Chrome 4K is Live on PS4 Pro

Developer 10tons Ltd. has announced that Neon Chrome was updated and the 4K support for PS4 Pro is now available.

The developers are excited that they were able to deliver true native 4K at 60fps for Neon Chrome! The game renders in true native resolution without any upscaling. They estimated that they would not hit any fillrate limits as the game was limited mostly by draw calls because of destructible environment. This estimate was quite accurate and the 4K performance is very good on the PS4 Pro. 10tons expects that many other similar games will gain 4K support in the future as it is relatively easy to do. You do need to have a certain amount of fillrate headroom when running on the original PS4 to reach 4K@60fps on PS4 Pro though. read more

Neon Chrome is Being Updated to 4K for PS4 Pro

10tons Ltd. have released a new video announcing that Neon Chrome is being updated to run in native 4K at 60fps on PS4 Pro.

Neon Chrome is already running on 4K on PC development environment. The developer would like to build proper PC 4k support as well, but they need to build run time asset reloading in order to change their art assets on fly when selecting a 4k resolution as PC users can change their resolutions much more freely. read more

PC REVIEW of Neon Chrome

This is Gaming Cypher’s PC review of Neon Chrome by independent game developer 10tons Ltd..

Neon Chrome is a colorful, top-down shooter game with many rogue-like elements. Set in a futuristic world, the player attempts to overthrow the dictator-like Overseer located in the highest floor of the Neon Corp skyscraper. You can choose from three different characters, randomized with each death, with different traits, attributes, weapons, and special abilities. Neon Chrome combines the shooter-style gameplay of Nuclear Throne and the upgrades and progression aspects of Rogue Legacy. read more

10tons Announces NEON CHROME Launch Date, New Trailer

Independent game developer 10tons Ltd. announced that Neon Chrome will be releasing Thursday, April 28, 2016 for PC on Steam.

Neon Chrome is a top-down cyberpunk shooter with roguelike elements. The game peaked at #8 in Steam Greenlight and the beta feedback and YouTube/Twitch preview coverage has been awesome! People are having a lot of fun with the game, even many who don’t particularly like top-down shooters. read more