ARMORED WARFARE Available Now on Steam’s acclaimed tank shooter launches on Steam with latest updates and recent Art of War expansion

Developed and published by, team-based tank shooter Armored Warfare hits the Steam marketplace today allowing the Steam community to finally experience the critically-acclaimed title on their preferred platform. In it, players take command of modern tanks or armored fighting vehicles and travel to the heart of military hotspots around the globe, where they will compete with rival teams for domination in the PvP and hybrid battle modes. They can alternatively join forces with friends to carry out the most difficult missions sent down by command cooperatively. read more

Revelation Online Upcoming Expansion Welcomes the Lethal Assassin Class in the West

The highly anticipated class will make its deadly Western debut in the upcoming ShadowBlade Expansion

Global publisher and developer NetEase proudly announce the upcoming expansion for free-to-play MMORPG Revelation Online, named ShadowBlade. In this expansion, the highly anticipated seventh class, the Assassin, will step out from the shadows of Nuanor to make its lethal appearance. Highly trained at silently stalking its opponent, this class is a melee expert skilled both in daggers for short-range combat and chain weapons for mid-range assassinations. It is also the only class in the game with stealth skills, changing the overall gameplay and allowing players to wait for the perfect moment to ambush enemies. Player will have the opportunity to experience this lethal combination of stealth and precision when the assassin class finds its way into Revelation Online soon. read more

HUSTLE CASTLE Kingdom Simulator Now Available Worldwide on Mobile

The creators of mobile hits Jungle Heat and Iron Desert, let players become the lord and master of their own medieval castle!

Global publisher and hit developer Studio Nord are excited to announce the global launch of the kingdom simulator Hustle Castle in the App Store and Google Play. This unique strategy game turns players into medieval warlords with control over their own castles, dozens of servants and the war plans against rivaling monarchs. read more

WARFACE Celebrates 4th Anniversary, New Pripyat Video

Warface marks its fourth anniversary with a massive giveaway campaign to thank its passionate playerbase

Global publisher is thrilled to announce the fourth anniversary of its globally-acclaimed FPS Warface. Since’s  takeover of publishing operations of Warface in Europe and North America, the number of its registered players has grown to exceed 48 million globally. To thank the dedicated players of Warface, the developers have prepared an entire series of gifts, as well as a special glimpse of the biggest update in the history of the game called Pripyat. read more

REVELATION ONLINE High Level Raid Available Today for the Most Fearless Players

Global publisher and developer NetEase invite players to dive into the gaping maw of the Eternal Chasm raid. The award-winning MMORPG Revelation Online has opened this exciting, high-end raid for those that can handle its twisting layouts and waves of draconic evil. Adventurers that want to sink their teeth into a record-setting number of bosses (including secret ones) can hunt the depths for all of its rewards securing coveted gear sets or even the rare fire-dinosaur mount, the Flameborn Tyrant. read more

HAWK: Freedom Squadron Celebrates Five Million Player Mark, New Update

Global publisher and developer is happy to announce that its mobile vertical shoot ‘em up HAWK: Freedom Squadron  has exceeded a total of 5 million players that have taken flight on its bullet hell adventures. In honor of the occasion, has shared some of the impressive statistics from the game on an infographic and detailed info about brand new Update 1.7. read more

REVELATION ONLINE UpRising Update Now Live Increasing Level Cap to 79

High-Level Raid Altar of Swords and Server First Rewards available today

Players of award-winning MMORPG Revelation Online can ready themselves to battle to collect server first rewards, rise to a new level cap and tackle new content in the “UpRising” Update available today. Clearing the brand-new raid, the Altar of Swords, at any difficulty has its own reward, yet the 10-man expert mode bears the most fruit. In addition to these prizes, global publisher and developer NetEase will reward the first groups on the server to clear the raid. These successful adventurers can look forward to riding exclusive flying sword mounts that came to life in service of the long-dead emperors of Nuanor. Players can gather their guilds or friends and chase after the extra rewards. Band together, continue the road to greatness, and ascend to level 79! read more

Armored Warfare Latest Expansion Adds Anticipated Progression Vehicles and More

New Expansion Adds Progression Vehicles, Waterway PvP Map and Enhanced Game System, developer and global publisher of Armored Warfare is pleased to announce its latest expansion – Eye of the Storm is now live bringing a wealth of new content to the team-based action MMO. This major update includes five long-awaited new progression vehicles, the new Waterway PvP map and community-requested enhancements to both the ammunition game mechanics and in-game economy. read more