LET THEM COME Frantic Sci-Fi Shoot-em-Up Now Available for Mobile

Pixel-Style Survival Mode Shooter Blitzes The Alien Onslaught In Glorious Over The Top Destruction

BALTIMORE, MD – January 9th, 2018 – Independent video game publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with independent developer Tuatara Games, have announced that pixel-style shoot ’em up, Let Them Come, is now available to download on the App Store for iPad and iPhone, and Google Play for Android devices priced $1.99. The mobile version follows a critically well received launch on PC and consoles in late 2017. Players assume the role of Rock Gunar, an interstellar, cigar chewing mercenary gun for hire with alien blood on his hands. Twitchy trigger fingers and focused battle tactics are the order of the day as players take on the ultimate survival mode challenge to wipe out every attacking alien onslaught one wave at a time! read more

TACTICAL MONSTERS Heading to iOS Jan. 25

Ring In The New Year With a Bang and a Crash and Even Some Monster Cash

Camex Games, developers of the immensely popular tactics game, Heroes Tactics, today announced that their recently released PC/Android Hex Grid RPG Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is coming to iOS on January 25. With more than one million players having already downloaded Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena from Steam Early Access (PC) and the Google Play Store, the addition of the iOS version will open the game for even more players who are ready to smash, bash and clash with one another in tactical monster combat! read more

GAMEVICE Review for Samsung Galaxy S7

Do you play A LOT of games on your phone? If you do, this controller might just be the thing for you. This lightweight controller adapter can turn your phone into a portable console with very little latency. No, this thing doesn’t increase your performance or give you more space but it does allow you to use controls a bit more familiar to the hand. read more

ANTIHERO Devious Digital Board Game Launches on Mobile Devices

Players Face Off to Become the Ultimate ‘Master Thief’ in a Gas-Lit Victorian Underworld

BALTIMORE, MD – Jan 4th, 2018. Independent video game publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with independent developer Tim Conkling, have announced that strategic digital board game, Antihero, is now available to download on the App Store and Google Play priced $4.99/€5.49/£4.99. Set against the backdrop of a gas-lit Victorian underworld, players assume the role of a Master Thief, and employ underhanded and ruthless tactics to dominate the city and outwit their opponents. The mobile version of Antihero is cross compatible with its PC counterpart launched last year and allows players to continue their devious strategies on the move. read more

Mobius Final Fantasy Welcomes 2018 with Summon Festival

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 2, 2018) – Fans of hit mobile RPG MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY have every reason to celebrate the new year as SQUARE ENIX kicks off 2018 with the Summon Festival in-game event. Featuring enticing additions to the summoning lineup, the limited-time Summon Festival marks the best time ever for players to obtain some of the game’s most elusive and exclusive cards, and to test their wits and obtain prizes. read more