Star Wars: The Old Republic Ultimate Showdown with Arcann Has Begun

BioWare and Lucasfilm today released the climatic chapter in the episodic storyline of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire. All active Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers can now play through The Battle of Odessen and confront Arcann and his powerful fleet in a full-scale assault that will determine the fate of the galaxy. Against all odds, players must risk everything for the chance to defeat Arcann and the Eternal Empire once and for all. read more

SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion Revealed

During Friday’s EA Star Wars “Meet the Makers” panel at Star Wars Celebration in London, James Ohlen, Director of Design for BioWare helped celebrate Star Wars: The Old Republic’s (SWTOR) upcoming 5-year anniversary, revealing a brand new digital expansion coming this Fall, Knights of the Eternal Throne. The all new expansion adds more of BioWare’s trademark cinematic storytelling, as well as exciting new game features in one of the largest updates the team has made since the game launched 5 years ago in 2011! read more