PES CLUB MANAGER Announces Key Updates and Events

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., /PRNewswire/ — Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. has announced key updates and events to PES CLUB MANAGER. The popular soccer management mobile title now features a brand new event that allows users to play with members in their associations to compete for ultimate glory against other associations, delivering an added level of PvP gameplay experience. read more

Star Wars: Force Collection Giveaways and More at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016

KONAMI to Distribute Replicas of Rare Digital Cards from Popular Mobile Game

EL SEGUNDO, California — Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced today that its popular mobile title, Star Wars: Force Collection (SWFC) will be giving away in-game card pack tokens to coincide with Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016, starting today, Friday, July 15-17, 2016. KONAMI will be taking part in the celebration by giving away physical replicas of SWFC digital cards at its booth. read more

Konami’s New Frogger Slots Leap into Casinos across America

LAS VEGAS — Konami Gaming, Inc. announced the first arrival of its new Frogger themed slot machines at casinos across the nation. Casino players can enjoy a variety of random bonus features, including a mystery adventure that activates the classic road and river crossing course that has delighted Frogger fans for generations. With captivating slot play and big jackpot progressive prizes, Frogger’s leap into the casino gambling arena is generating strong excitement at debut locations, where players are among the first to try this iconic game release. read more

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes First Person Mod Video

Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes footage below was captured by uploader BenBlatcher using -Pao‘s FPS Mod.

Here is what he had to say about it:

It’s brilliant. There are some little things wrong, such as, well… You know when Snake’s standing still, you turn around, he kinda goes a small semi circle rather than just clipping round? You can feel that; the camera moves as he would, but because of this, it’s nice that you can do the Arma esque thing and run one direction while looking another, like neck movement. Not being able to see what’s round corners makes things much more tense, and you’ve gotta be really careful and try and get a good view on things beforehand. You’ve got to rely on your senses a lot more, and it’s obvious I wasn’t [For example not hearing a truck coming at one point.] One last thing, as noted, is that you can’t see character models if you’re right next to them; as with the third person camera, things disappear when you get too close. Of course it makes picking up items a little awkward, but altogether it’s nowhere near enough to turn me off of the mod.Oh and certain weapons look funny. read more