Kill Me Again Launches Today for Mobile Devices, New Trailer

Santa Monica, CA– September 24, 2015 – Ready up, Mercs – Developer NHN PixelCube, under the publishing brand TOAST, announced today that Kill Me Again is now available for both iOS and Android devices. Featuring a thrilling combination of action, match-three puzzle, RPG, horror, and multiplayer elements, Kill Me Again is a gory and tense amalgamation unlike anything you’ve ever played. read more

Kill Me Again Announced for Mobile Devices

Put Your Reflexes to the Test to Shoot Down the Zombie Horde and Creatures from the Darkest Corners of the Mind

Santa Monica, CA – September 9, 2015 NHN Entertainment, under the publishing brand TOAST, announced today its all new action horror/puzzle/RPG game, Kill Me Again, is coming soon to iOS and Android. Combining match three elements with real-time zombie-slaying gameplay, Kill Me Again will be available on Thursday, September 24 as a free download. read more