PANTROPY Sci-Fi Mech/FPS Hybrid Heading to Kickstarter and Steam

A sci-fi faction multiplayer shooter with mechs and focus on building and crafting

Pantropy – a Sci-fi Mech/FPS Hybrid with RPG elements along with strong PVE and PVP gameplay. The game is officially launching on Kickstarter Feb 6, 2018, and is slated to release on Steam PC in Early Access 2H of 2018 post-crowdfunding. The game transports players into an alien rich where they’ll experience exciting FPS gameplay allowing them to compete with each other or band together in factions to endure the difficult challenges that may unfold. read more

Gamebuino META Puts Retro Gaming Goodness in the Palm of Your Hand, Blasts Funding Goal on Kickstarter

Indie-made, Maker-driven Console Plays Dozens of Games and Teaches Programming

Saint-Etienne, France – November 17, 2017-The Gamebuino META is a retro open-source console designed and made by indie developers in France that lets gamers to play the great pixelated games they loved on a compact device and learn programming to make their own games. The Gamebuino META fits in a pocket, packs plenty of free exclusive games, and the battery will last through a continuous day of gaming. An optional micro SD card can fit more games than you can play, and players can switch between games in a matter of seconds. read more

Freeman: Star Edge ‘Mass-Effect-Like’ PC Game Needs Your Support on Kickstarter

Developer KK Game Studio has launched its PC title, Freeman: Star Edge, on Kickstarter. The game hosts a complete sand-box experience, allowing players the freedom to explore the universe without limitations. Exiled to the Star Edge, raiders, warlords, and merchants vie for wealth and power in distant galaxies. Every choice is your own, choose to gather and trade, explore strange lands, or command starship armadas. The destinies of entire worlds await. read more