Humble Bundle & GUTS Department to Feature Aegis Defenders at gamescom

Explore, Build and Defend in this Truly Unique 2D Platformer that Blends Metroidvania-Style Combat with Tower Defense Strategy

Aegis Defenders is a Metroidvania-style action-platformer truly unlike any other game you’ve ever played. Borrowing tower defense combat elements, combined with the look, feel and scale of 16-bit era titles like Super Metroid, Aegis Defenders reignites the magic of the old school adventure genre for a unique blend of gameplay and rich narrative that sets the stage for an instant classic. read more

QASIR AL-WASAT Now Available on Steam and Humble Store

QASIR AL-WASAT ready for PC, Mac, SteamOS and Linux

Stealth action adventure hits Steam and Humble today

19 January 2016 – Curitiba, Brazil– Brazilian trailblazing developer Aduge and one-of-a-kind publisher Zueira Digital announce the release of their long-awaited stealth action-adventure Qasir al-Wasat. Available now through the game’s website, Steam and Humble Store the title arrives in its International Edition, a pack of 6 localizations and many features added since its nomination to IndieCade, in 2012. read more

Humble Weekly Bundle The Return of Space Boy Now Live

The Humble Weekly Bundle The Return of Space Boy is now live.

Oh boy! It’s Spaaaaace! Space Boy wasn’t even supposed to be in orbit today – but he did so for the good of all gamer-kind. Sent on a mission that he never expected to return from, the reluctant space cadet crash landed on a moon–wait… not a moon, a GAME station! And now he’s BACK! But he didn’t return empty handed, oh no, he re-entered our atmosphere with some moon rocks… and games! read more