McFarlane Toys Welcomes tinyBuild to the Neighborhood with New Hello Neighbor Construction Sets and Action Figures

Tempe, Ariz., – Feb 16, 2018 –  There’s no sneaking around the newly announced partnership between McFarlane Toys and tinyBuild, the agreement was brokered by Evolution USA, the global licensing agent for Hello Neighbor, to create action figures and construction sets of the hit video game Hello Neighbor that will be available at retailers this fall. read more

Hello Neighbor Announces Modding Contest Winners

After many terrifying encounters, the time has come to announce tinyBuild’s #hellomods winners!

Here are the top three mods:

Be sure to checkout the full list of winners and check the mods. tinyBuild is working on upgrading hte modkit to feature release-game content and to enable standalone builds for mods. Right now you need to run them via the Unreal Engine editor as described here. This will soon change. read more

Hello Neighbor and Bendy and the Ink Machine Crossover Event Now Live

tinyBuild GAMES has partnered up with the dev team behind Bendy and the Ink Machine to create a “Hello Bendy” Hello Neighbor mod – meanwhile BATIM has the creepy Neighbor roaming round.
  • To access the Hello Bendy mod, simply search for “Hello Bendy” in your Steam Library. It temporarily replaces the “Hello Neighbor” store item. You can still access all other builds via the “Properties – Betas” dropdown.
  • To checkout Bendy and the Ink Machine’s Neighbor mod, simply download BATIM on Steam.

Here is the Hello Bendy [Hello Neighbor x Bendy and the Ink Machine Crossover] Video:

Today anyone can download the most popular build Alpha 2, for free on

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PAX West 2017 Impressions: Hello Neighbor

I’d like to thank the fine crew of tinyBuild GAMES at the Hello Neighbor booth at PAX West 2017!

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game that’s getting a lot of attention. On the surface, Hello Neighbor does not look like a horror game. After noticing some suspicious activity, it is up to the player to sneak into his neighbor’s house and figure out what is going on. However, the neighbor is no idiot, he will react to your strategies and adjust accordingly. It is currently in Beta, with a free Alpha 2 demo available to the public. It is also possible to get access to behind-the-scenes builds as they arrive. read more