PC REVIEW for Jalopy

This is Gaming Cypher’s press tech demo review of Jalopy by Excalibur Games and Greg Pryjmachuck (Minsk Works).

Growing up I played a lot of Mario Kart, racing as my favorite characters in an attempt to get first place defined my childhood as much as Pokemon or Cartoons. Jalopy is a car-based game as well. This game is absolutely nothing like Mario Kart, the anecdote was intentionally misleading. Jalopy is a game that is hard to define. Take elements of Euro Truck Simulator and add them to an RPG and you only sort of grasp what this game is like. read more

Excalibur Games Announces that JALOPY Has Been Greenlit

Excalibur Games and Greg Pryjmachuck have announced that Jalopy has been greenlit on Steam.

After only 10 days on Steam, Jalopy, the beautiful arts-and-crafts style game about a challenging road trip across Eastern Europe, has seen the lights change from red to green and passed Steam’s Greenlight process. The developer wants to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted for them. From here you will now be able to fully immerse yourself in the stylistic world of Jalopy. read more