The Frankenstein Wars Review for iPhone

I am always wary of any form of media with Frankenstein’s name in it. Usually the name Frankenstein is given to the monster, when in the original novel the monster had no name. Frankenstein was just the name of the doctor. For whatever reason, I thought that The Frankenstein Wars would be about big monsters fighting each other. I couldn’t be more wrong. read more

Heavy Metal Thunder Sci-Fi Gamebook Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Cubus Games has announced SciFi gamebook, Heavy Metal Thunder, is celebrating its first year anniversary.

Heavy Metal Thunder is Cubus’ second gamebook app, following on from The Sinister Fairground, and precedingNecklace of Skulls, Sol Invictus… and the upcoming The Frankenstein Wars. It began life as a traditional print-and-paper book written by celebrated US sci-fi and fantasy writer Kyle B. Stiff. The digital adaptation contains a wealth of new artwork, gameplay mechanics, music, sound effects and more. read more

The Frankenstein Wars New Gamebook Headed to Kickstarter

Cubus Games (Necklace of Skulls) announced that the new gamebook, The Frankenstein Wars, will be launching on Kickstarter on June 2nd.

Gamebook Description:

As post-revolution France tears itself apart, the heirs of Victor Frankenstein raise an unstoppable army of the resurrected dead in their struggle to seize control. Decide the fate of the world in this enhanced interactive adventure in the same vein as classic series such as Fighting Fantasy or Choose Your Own Adventure. read more