Fortnite Battle Royale Gets Massive Map Update

Game currently has more than 40 million players, peaked at more than 2 million concurrent players

CARY, N.C. – There’s a huge map update coming to Fortnite Battle Royale today, Thursday, January 18, that will add all new points of interest to the game, such as the city area, “Tilted Towers” and the underground mines, “Shifty Shafts.” Also included are updates to existing areas providing even more variety and distinction between the areas, which means more places to land, more places to loot, and more places to fight! read more

Battlerite Review for PC

“If Lovin’ You is Battlewrong…”

When juxtaposed against all of the titles Battlerite can be most easily compared to, it seems like a game that would evaporate into obscurity.  Yet when I started the game up, fully expecting an arena fighting riff on the typical MOBA formula to not hold my attention; I was pleasantly surprised with how well-balanced and straight up fun the whole experience turned out to be. read more

Battlerite Makes the Steam Top 10 List

Arena Brawler Battlerite launched on Steam last week and in five days is now the number 2 ‘top selling’ free-to-play game on Steam, topping the ‘new and trending’ list since launch. Swedish developer Stunlock Studios managed to strike just the right note with Battlerite and on Sunday 12th November it peaked to number 10, on ‘top games by current player count’ Steam list with a whopping 45,000 in-game players. At one point, Battlerite reached number 3 of the most watched games on Twitch with nearly 75,000 viewers glued to their screens, beating DOTA 2 and PUBG. These numbers might not be world record breakers but demonstrate that Battlerite has found its niche in the gaming world and stands strong as yet another indie success story. read more

Battlerite Goes Free-to-Play

Adrenaline Fueled PvP Action Opens for All as Battlerite Steps Out from Steam Early Access

Skövde, Sweden – November 8th, 2017 – Independent developer Stunlock Studios announced today that team arena brawler Battlerite has now officially moved from Early Access to a full free-to-play commercial launch on Steam. To celebrate, the studio has unleashed a launch patch featuring a brand new champion, ‘Thorn,’ 200 new items including rare weapons, outfits, victory poses, legendary color variations and seven additional music tracks. Unlock and master a roster of powerful champions, fight side by side with your teammates in quick skill-based battles, and prove you deserve to stand victorious in the Battlerite arena. read more

Red Bull Rampage Comes to BIKE UNCHAINED in Mobile Game’s New Update

Nine New Tracks, Two New Athletes and a Whole Lot of Mountain Biking Fun Launch on iOS and Android April 21st

Bike Unchained, the premium free-to-play mobile game from Red Bull Media House that brings Mountain Biking action to people’s iOS and Android devices, announced today the launch of the game’s update which will include the introduction of Red Bull Rampage tracks. Held in real life as an invite-only competition for the most skilled and bravest freeride MTB athletes, players can now get a taste of what it’s like to take on the steep terrain of Virgin, Utah and put their virtual skills (and guts) to the test on one of the world’s most demanding downhill mountain. read more

Warframe Announces TennoCon

Tickets on Sale Now for the Ultimate Celebration of Warframe and One of the Largest Free-to-Play Communities in the World

LONDON — Independent games developer and publisher Digital Extremes is excited to announce first details for TennoCon, an action packed convention and celebration of Warframe, bringing together one of the world’s largest Free-to-Play Communities. Set in the heart of Digital Extremes’ hometown of London, Ontario at the London Convention Center on July 9, 2016, TennoCon offers attendees a chance to connect with the Warframe developers, well-known Warframe Twitch and YouTube broadcasters, and fellow players, better known as Tenno. read more