DYING LIGHT Zombiefest #2 Announced by Techland

Wroclaw, Poland – December 22nd, 2016 – Today Techland has announced its second global Be the Zombie event for Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition. On the Christmas weekend (December 23rd – 26th, 2016) the sixth Community Bounty titled “Zombiefest #2” will be held. For the duration of the event, the rules of the competitive Be the Zombie mode change: Night Hunters cannot use Howls, Spits or Tackles while human players have to do without the Survivor Sense, making the hunt more tactical and stealthy. Use of flares, UV blocks and heals is also limited. read more

Dying Light Available Now on Apple Mac with Full Cross Play and Cross Buy Integration

Wroclaw, PolandTechland has announced that Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is now available for Apple Mac users.

Available as of today (December 15th 2016) on Steam, the digital package comes the with the fully enhanced version of the original game, the massive expansion pack Dying Light: The Following, a year’s worth of  DLC, and all updates to date. read more

Dying Light Releases Book of Records Video

Wroclaw, Poland – September 13th, 2016 – Since the launch of the game, millions of players have stomped, dropkicked, and smashed zombies in countless ways in Dying Light and Dying Light: The Following. After yet another recent surge in player numbers, the team at Techland have gathered some of the most spectacular – or bizarre – records set by the players and put together a special video. read more

Dying Light 2nd Community Bounty Announced by Techland

Wroclaw, Poland – May 11th, 2016 – Today Techland announced its second Community Bounty for Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition. This weekend (May 13th – 15th, 2016), all Dying Light players can team up to try collectively kill 2 500 000 Volatiles – the game’s most fearsome enemies that appear only at night. Reaching the group goal within the time limit will award an exclusive outfit for Kyle Crane in the game. All participants will also get a special weapon docket just for taking part. read more